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Big companies can afford to burn money on short-lived job posts. You can't.

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At $16.58 per month, Small Cos. is 20x more affordable than other remote job boards and runs for an entire year.

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Small Cos. attracts job seekers with a founder mindset and then points them in your direction.

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If your company hires remotely and has less than 150 employees, Small Cos. was made exclusively for you.

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A guy who runs an 8-figure business explains how to tell if you should be an employee or an entrepreneur
"There are likely hundreds — or thousands — of companies you could use your purpose to help grow. Even better, you don’t have to go through the ups-and-downs of entrepreneurship to bring your purpose to the world. If you want to work for a startup, have you searched on Small Cos.?"

Noah Kagan

Chief Sumo and CEO

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